Danielle Duer is an illustrator and fine artist in Nashville, Tennessee.  Her works in acrylic and inks reflect her lifelong pursuit to communicate the intangibility of love and true meaning through visual medium. Described as "haunting and romantic,” Duer's aesthetic displays her unique grasp on dark, moody beauty without sacrificing colorful whimsy and charm.

Duer began creating art as a prescription to self-soothe, and as a vehicle to escape a chaotic childhood. After years of cathartic release and exploration through her artwork, Duer found that she had created a body of work expressing her journey to find beauty in darkness and strength in unlikely places. She found that her art and it’s themes resonated in other people and has the power to narrate each one’s own struggles with life’s many pursuits and experiences.

In this season of her career, the artist  finds herself exploring a lighter series telling visual stories of love and relationships that symbolize the most meaningful and deep-rooted facets of her clients’ lives.

In a recent feature in Nashville Arts Magazine, Gracie Pratt describes The Love, Love Illustrated Series:

"Fascinated by the difference between who people truly are and who they portray themselves to be, Duer promotes transparency in her illustrations. The series has become an opportunity for people to peel back the veil and celebrate the quirky, dark, fun, remarkable characteristics that make them who they are. It is vulnerability in the face of love. The Love, Love Illustrated Series tells the story of people and their most cherished relationships… It gives [her clients] a sense of belonging, a visual moment of gratitude for the people that are most important."

Duer’s works have been featured and exhibited in Juxtapoz Magazine, Elle Girl Korea, Beautiful Decay, New York Arts Magazine, ArtistaDay, Escape Into Life, Anno Domino Gallery, The Hive Gallery, and numerous more, the world over.

Duer graduated from Nossi College of Art with a degree in Commercial Art / Illustration. She is a wife, and is the mother to her 9-year-old daughter Aza and her 19 year old step-son Collin.

She is a member of the Warren, a cooperative of illustrators who share a studio in East Nashville. She is also apprenticing under the care of Travis Foster to develop a new portfolio specifically for commercial work.


 Nashville Arts Magazine    |      Photo by Juan Pont lezica

Nashville Arts Magazine    |      Photo by Juan Pont lezica