Love Love Illustrated



How Danielle started doing custom work:

I was eight years old and on a beach vacation with my mom and dad. I was so fair that I burned easily, so instead of being slathered again with sunblock SPF 2000 and being pulled and jerked around to ensure every part was covered, I opted to sit under the umbrella and draw on beach balls and sun visors. I painted all sorts of things on these items and then put price tags on them and attempted to open my very illegal pool-side merchant operation. Several kids came up to visit my “booth” and sized up my wares, but I didn’t get any sales that day. The next day, I decided to make some new items. This time, I asked the visitors their names and what they liked. I drew their names on the sun visors and added little symbols that represented things that they liked. It was like magic. I sold them. I was an eight year old entrepreneur and totally addicted to making art and connecting with people and I have never stopped.

In 2015, I started Love Love Illustrated, a collection of small custom art projects dedicated to telling the stories of real people and celebrating their unique relationships. I want to use this platform as a way for people to experience and celebrate their lives, feel inspired, empowered, motivated and affirmed through art.